Hege Henriksen vant 24 timers hinderløp i Spania

Postet av Romerike Ultraløperklubb den 26. Nov 2018

Hege Jeanette Henriksen vant et 24 timers hinderløp i Spania lørdag - i ren Bislettånd - dette gikk jo samtidig som klubben arrangerte Bislett 24-timers. Dermed er kvalifiseringen på plass til neste års 24-timers VM i hinderløp (24-timers ultraløp med ufattelig mange hinder).

Finally after so much work, this was my day. 1th place Mikes Gym #mikes24hourrace - together with my #fantastic friend @annabredin who came in 2th place - it was tough and fun and laughter and tears ❤️ tnx Mikes Gym for making this a #spectacular#ocrrace . -tnx to my #coach AP-Performance for helping me come this far, and to my #supercool#team @bootcamphonefoss for always #supportingme❤️to my friends at home #cheering for me ❤️and in the end to all u guys #marshalling this game madness and the rest of the runners - u really made my 24 hours so much fun 😋❤️🤩 and now may way back to #Australia is clear!#ocr24hourworldchampionships I am coming back for revenge 👊🏼🇳🇴 – på Mikes Gym med Olympia Sport As, Wunjo Sports, Altra Running og Mikes Gym.

Premie til å få overvekt av - på flyet altså.,

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